Baby products: And their meaning for the new mothers in today’s society

Louise Mikkelsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


For the last fifty years mothers have become more and more career minded and busy in their everyday life which has opened a huge market for baby products making it easier to be a new mother. The market for baby products is constantly growing due to the desire to be the perfect mother. These products are meant to make life easier as a parent and to make sure that the baby is being stimulated correctly, are safe in the car, can be heard while sleeping in the prawn etc. This development also creates confusion among the new mothers because it is so difficult to figure out what they need for the baby and why. While deciding this, the mothers are being affected by the society to own the right products in order to function as a perfect mother. This obviously causes stress among the new mothers. In order to figure out what this meant among new mothers two focus group discussions were conducted. The findings showed that they believed they needed to own a large range of products in order to succeed. It also showed that they felt affected by the society being their own mothers, other mothers, advertisements and articles in magazines. Because the new mothers feel it is so important to own the baby products it is a very interesting market to investigate. The manufactures of baby products can use this information in conducting a successful marketing campaign and gain loyal customers and these customers could potentially affect other mothers in purchasing their products. The entire thesis consists of a description of the data and methodology, an analysis of the results including the McCracken meaning transfer model, reflection on the findings including the CBBE model and at the end the future prospects for the marketer.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages94