Nationbranding i en krisetid: Et studie i Spaniens brug af nationbranding med udgangspunkt i kampagnen `I need Spain´.

Leon Christoffer Kirkholt Lilhauge

Student thesis: Master thesis


Nation branding in a time of crisis – a study of Spain’s use of nation branding through the campaign ’I Need Spain’ We are living in a time where globalisation is affecting us all. Employment opportunities are moving, and developing countries have taken over large parts of global production through cheap labour and efficiency gains. The world has become an enormous market place. Nation states’ not only compete on price and quality but also on the ability to profile themselves as attractive destinations to students, foreign investors, mega-events and – in particular – tourists. Since the dawn of mass-tourism in the 1960s, Spain has been one of the world’s leading tourist destinations and tourism plays an important social and financial role in contemporary Spain. Traditionally, Spain marketed itself as a value-for-­money destination with all-­inclusive packages. However, from the mid-­90s onwards, the Spanish tourism agency Turespaña has branded Spain as more than a ‘sun and sand’ destination. In their most recent campaign, “I Need Spain”, Turespaña focus on Spain’s culture and experiential offerings. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how Turespaña is nation branding Spain. Particular focus is given to the incorporation of Spain’s successes in sports across the last 15 years. The thesis employs a hermeneutic approach to broadly interpret Turespaña’s campaign and strategy. It subsequently explains and discusses the outcomes of the campaign in the context of Spanish and international society, globalisation and the profound financial crisis that Spain is currently facing. The thesis builds on Simon Anholt’s theory of nation branding, which is comprehensively discussed throughout. The outcome of the research is predominantly positive. The analysis proves that Turespaña has produced a professional and contemporary campaign. Among other things, the campaign has been adapted to appear appropriate in various cultures and successfully utilises a range of media platforms. Turespaña is acting according to their own strategies and has been articularly successful with its sports marketing strategy. Furthermore, Turespaña’s strategies are aligned with Simon Anholt’s guide on successful nation branding.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages94