Wearable Technologies: Challenges of a high growth market

Andrea Dodet

Student thesis: Master thesis


Wearable technologies have the potential to become everyday objects for thousands of people, helping to better quantify users on a wide array of aspects. The broadness and the strictly personal nature of the data gathered makes them perfectly suited to enhance the knowledge and the insights about specific users or group of them, representing a valuable opportunity for businesses. This thesis times at shedding light on challenges encountered by companies entering this field taking also into consideration users’ perception of those technologies. The analysis is based partly on a survey based section aiming at clarifying users’ consideration about the product category, and in part on interviews with executives of early stage companies currently facing the entry stage in this market. Given the wide range of field of applications of wearable technologies, different business segments have been taken into consideration. The general lack of value added services affecting wearable technologies has been addressed by those companies with greater value proposition specificity (either regarding the need to be satisfied or the type of interaction required with users). On the other hand, the strictly personal nature of the data gathered makes it greatly prone to be employed in a wide range of fields. For this reason, all of the companies dealing with data gathering products are currently investing in making their solutions interoperable with each other. Making sure that users’ data can be easily exploited by different companies will allow to shape services concerning different contexts of user quantification. Lastly, a lack of understanding of benefits (in terms of better customer knowledge or cost reduction) that wearable technologies can provide to companies or institutions has been found a major bottleneck for firms dealing in B2B and institutional environments. In this regard, business processes and governance structures should become more flexible in order to make meaningful use of wearable devices’ data regarding cost optimization and resource planning.

EducationsMSc in International Business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages92