En undersøgelse af JOST-Worlds employer branding strategi

Morten Løgstrup

Student thesis: Master thesis


The focus of the thesis is based on the HRM and Marketing word “employer branding”, with a special focus on how the global German company JOST-World, can use an employer branding strategy to attract new talented employees to their organisation. Because of the demographic development, retirements will increase in Europe the next ten years. Companies that want to expand their business and need to hire new talented candidates to fulfill these future visions need to make themselves more attractive as an employer. With critical selected theory and literature in mind, an investigation and analysis has been made on JOST-World and their future need for talented employees. Having talented employees, is a part of JOST-Worlds 2020 vision, and therefore it is taken very seriously. The findings in this thesis can be used by JOST-World as an inspiration and a wake up call, when they are implementing their new employer branding strategy. Listening to the employees and their version of how employer branding should be performed, gave a ground-level indication of the situation in the organisation. Furthermore, other companies, which are facing or will be facing the long-term “need talented employees” problem, can consider whether or not, an employer branding strategy, will be of use to them. In addition, the findings show that it can fit different kind of companies represented in different sectors. It differ from case to case, how much work there is ahead of the organisation, and it is also an individual matter what kind of employer branding strategy that will make the best fit. Building up an employer branding strategy, requires a lot of expertise, and cooperation with current employees that are open-minded and structured. By actively preparing for the future, and taking care of existing employees today, organizations will be better suited to handle future challenges and the ever changing world. Employer branding can be used to attract, engage or retain employees. JOST-World need to attract talented employees and after making an analysis, it is assessed as being possible for JOST-World to create a successful employer branding strategy that will help them go into the future as a stronger company.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages231