Årsager til frivillig afmelding fra Revireg: Efter udtagelse til lovpligtig kvalitetskontrol og de fremtidige arbejdsområder herefter

Morten Stig Bothmann

Student thesis: Master thesis


The objective of this report was to analyze what influence the statutory quality control performed by “Revisortilsynet" has had on the auditing business, focusing primarily on the smaller auditing firms. This subject is interesting since the annual reports from the governing entity "Revisortilsynet", seems to indicate that almost a quarter of the auditing firms selected for statutory quality control, voluntarily deregistered from Revireg. The report describes the legislation regarding statutory quality control and describes the difference in perceived burdens by smaller and larger auditing firms. The analysis of the firms, who had voluntarily deregistered from Revireg, found that the high number of deregistration was primarily influenced by structural causes, such as mergers and acquisitions, and possibly the high average age of auditors in smaller firms. The impact of statutory quality control was found to be much smaller than the initial indications could lead one to believe. The analysis did however find that the statutory quality control was a primary reason, for those that deregistered from Revireg for reason not related to structural issues. The smaller auditing firms found the quality control system to be cumbersome, expensive and with no real effect on the quality of the work provided. The report then addressed the regulatory conditions for those firms that no longer registered in Revireg. Here I found that the regulatory constraints were severe. The “Revisorlov” prohibited these firms from offering auditing of annual reports, to companies for whom auditing was mandatory. Even for those companies that had chosen not to have their annual report audited, there was found to be regulatory constraints. Here in the form of “Årsregnskabsloven” that states that only government approved auditors is allowed to make a statement in an annual report.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages61