The Transformation of Canteen Services: Designing a Technology Based Solution for Canteens

Tommaso Biemmi & Daniel Dinkov Valkanov

Student thesis: Master thesis


Purpose – The development of technologies have increased the use of different self-service technologies (SSTs) in regards with different services. However, one of the least studied is related to canteens. Thus the aim of this study is to develop and utilize a general methodology that creates successful SST solutions for canteen services and additionally propose prototypes of possible SSTs. Design/methodology/approach – A conceptual model of factors affecting the success of SSTs is adopted and used in the creation of prototypes. The general methodology is comprised of various design methods and practices. The data is all primary and due to the qualitative nature of the study it is derived from observations, interviews and experience prototyping.
Findings – The successful creation of prototypes showed that the utilized methodology could be further implemented by managers and practitioners to develop SSTs. Additionally, the analysis outlined how the factors from the proposed model affect the success of SST, acknowledging the importance of the setting and the purpose of the SSTs..
Research limitations/implications – The study is predominantly formed on data from a single case- study, which limits the generalizability of the results. Additionally, the topic is researched only from a customer perspective rather than a holistic approach, the feasibility of which is limited by time and cost constraints.
Originality/value – The practical application of these findings can guide marketers in creating and implementing SSTs to their service delivery.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages180
SupervisorsMads Bødker