Mobil markedsføring i et B2C marked

Kenneth Nowotny & Claus Svanholm

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master thesis evolves around mobile marketing, and the mechanisms that surround the subject. First we have gone through the media market in Denmark and analyzed the different available advertising media’s. The traditional media, such as magazines and newspapers are losing both advertising turnovers and circulations, whereas advertising turnovers on digital media’s are rising. We have given examples of the use of advertising with mobile search, mobile banners, mobile rich media, mobile apps & web apps and mobile coupons, and ex-plained what their forces are and what to be aware of, when a marketer uses these. Especially mobile coupons, allowing smartphone users to receive a coupon on their phone, for which they get some kind of reward or rebate at a retailer, and the 2D scannable barcodes, also called QR codes, are the most interesting. QR codes have the advantage, that they make it possible to merge classic print media’s with new digital media’s. Furthermore we got in depth with the perspective of consumer behaviour, how consumers perceive and how they interact with mobile marketing and advertising. It was found that mo-bile marketing works with three different factors being permission-, incentive- and location-based, where incentive-based advertising, that allows specific and often financial rewards to individuals who are willing to accept advertisements and promotions, is the most popular one, especially among the younger segments. We have used and modified the communication model AIDA, that shows how the consumer undergoes four stages, before making a purchase. We have included a fifth stage, namely Loyalty to the model, because indications show that it will be cheaper in the long run to retain these customers, rather than acquiring new ones. The mobile phone allows for the consumers to go through the stages very rapidly, thus making the chances for receiving some kind of action (sale, collect email address etc.), larger for the marketer. Companies are facing huge challenges coping with this new consumer context. It is therefore vital for a business to have a well-defined mobile strategy before they venture into this new advertising media.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages143