Samtaler mellem kollegaer: En undersøgelse af komplekse interpersonelle relationers påvirkning på indholdet i samtaler mellem kollegaer i organisationer i små samfund

Rannvá Dávadóttir

Student thesis: Master thesis


The research objective of this thesis is the question of how highly complex direct and indirect ties between colleagues in organisations in the small-scale society of the Faroe Islands affect the content aspect of their interpersonal communication. Direct ties are ties that tie two individuals to one another directly. Indirect ties are ties that tie two individuals to one another through a third individual. If the third individual is absent there is no tie between the other two individuals. The research question is relevant from a communicative perspective because communication research on multiplex and highly multiplex ties has taken a dyadic perspective focusing on communication between two individuals. By taking a dyadic perspective communication theories overlook the affect that indirect ties to other individuals outside the communication situation have on the content of the communication. Individuals in small-scale societies have in general many ties to one another creating a high-density interconnected society with both direct and indirect ties. Therefore it can be argued that a dyadic perspective is inadequate to examine how many ties can affect the content of the communication between individuals in a small-scale society without including other individuals outside the dyad. This gap in communication research is found interesting from an organisational point of view because complex ties between individuals in organisations are assumed to affect the content aspect of the communication and thereby having an influence on the general internal communication within the organisation. This leads to the question of how these direct and indirect ties affect the content of communication between colleagues in an organisation in a small-scale society and how this affects the general communication in the organisation. On the basis of an empirical research on how direct and indirect ties affect the content of communication between colleagues in Faroese organisations this thesis argues that some subjects are excluded as content in the communication due to the risk of negative consequences and other subjects are included in the content of the communication because they are regarded not to impose any threat to the colleagues’ ties. It is argued that because of the exclusion of certain subjects in the communication, organisations in small-scale societies face a challenge to achieve effective communication due to the highly complex ties between the individuals within the organisation.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages88