Business Networks for Startup’s International Expansion and Globalization

Oscar Perales

Student thesis: Master thesis


The rapidly overall integration of the world has shortened physical distance between actors around the world causing what we call “globalization”. Some startups are now days born global and others are aiming to internationalize in order to reach new and prosperous markets and become part of this globalized world. This is a master thesis research that is intended to explain and explore the importance of business networks and how can this help a startup to achieve international expansion. After exploring the advantages and benefits of business networks, it will be cover specific skills a startup should have that are assumed important for their internationalization process. Also, important factors and drivers that startups take in consideration for international expansion as well as fears and concerns they might face during this process will be analyzed. Furthermore, the role of Intellectual Property will be address and the impact that this protection tool has in a startup’s internationalization process related with business networks. The analysis was based on surveys made to 28 different startups located around the world in order to gather data for the research purpose.

EducationsMSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages83