Positioned in a better place? The global provider of electric vehicle networks and services

Andreas Nørkjær & Maria Hjortholm Olesen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The thesis examined if Better Place will be able to build a strong competitive position on the Danish market. This was investigated with the use of two part-questions which investigated to what extent Better Place will be able to obtain first-mover advantage when going into the market and if the company has the possibility to obtain competitive advantage according to the resourcebased view. For the development of the thesis it was decided to use a combined research philosophy. It was chosen to make use of critical realism and philosophical hermeneutic as the thesis collected primary data through semi-structured interviews. Thus, a combined research philosophy helped interpret the data gained from the interviewees as it ensured that the information was set in relation to the subject matter; the market. Besides from the interviews, which were obtained with the use of the snowball method, also secondary data were collected for the analysis. Before the analysis was constructed the thesis investigated Better Place’s macro environment in order to gain a thorough understanding of the market and how it changes and develops. From this investigation it was seen that the macro environment in general is interested in electric vehicles as these are good for the environment. Hereafter, the thesis looked into the first part-question which was analysed with the help of the first-mover advantage theory. From the analysis it was seen that Better Place will not be able to obtain first-mover advantage to a great extent as the company will only gain advantage from Preemption of Scarce Assets. Further, the company will not be able to eliminate all disadvantages associated with a first-mover. The second part-question was examined through the resource-based view. It was determined that Better Place holds several resources that are considered valuable and some of these are even deemed as rare. Though this is the case it is only in the area of Preemption of Scarce Assets that the company possesses resources which can be considered to create competitive advantage. From the findings of the two part-questions it was determined that Better Place only to a small extent will be able to create a strong position on the Danish market. This was based on that the company will be able not gain significant first-mover advantage when going into the market and as it does not hold a great number of resources which can create competitive advantage.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages174