Innovation Online Disclosure Processes: In a World where Consummers are Incrasingly Aware

Anna Lippert-Larsen & Mathias Olsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


In recent years, data has become a main resource for most businesses. It is constantly used for analysis of consumer behavior, to attract and retain customers. The last years increased media attention to online privacy, and new legislation that is likely to be passed by the European Commission, all point towards a need to innovate the current process of data disclosure. The thesis investigates how consumers experience the process of disclosing personal data and how this process can be innovated. The thesis investigates reputation of a company and the length of policies by conducting social experiments on Danish, university students. Theory of Behavioral Economics helps facilitate an understanding of customer’s decision-making process. The thesis uncovers that consumers in general accept policies independently of reputation and policy length. Our results indicate that, time to decide, influences willingness to disclose data and that consumers are more affected by the length of policies than the reputation of companies. The thesis finds consumers to have a superior purchase experience when having understood the terms under which they disclose data. We believe there is a need for a new, innovative format of the privacy policy to anticipate the forthcoming legislation and to improve the relationship between companies and consumers.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages132