BR Legetøj og Relationship Marketing - Hvordan kan virksomheden skabe værdi via relationship marketing? Undersøgelse, analyse og rådgivning

Pernille Lindeschou Jensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of the thesis is to examine, to which extent BR Legetøj focuses on relationship marketing and to assess, which possibilities the company has in creating economic value by using this type of marketing. On the basis of this a number of recommendations have been created on how the company can create value by using relationship marketing. 1. The first and second part of the thesis contains a study of the company profile and history, the market conditions, the competition, the customer segmentation etc. These information have been collected by the use of desk research, interviews and quantitative survey (questionnaire) by random selection. This part of the thesis describes that even though BR Legetøj is the market leader, the company needs to address the possibilities of a minor shift in company priorities regarding existing customers as a way to maintain the leading position. 2. The third part of the thesis an analysis regarding the way in which BR Legetøj currently is using relationship marketing is carried out. This part also contains recommendations in terms of how the company could integrate these kinds of marketing methods to a greater extent, and what the potential advantages and disadvantages would be. The data for this analysis and the recommendations are collected from desk research, interviews, questionnaire and observations. The purpose of this part of the thesis is to analyze how the company could increase the profit by enhancing the current focus on especially the members of the BR-club and at the same time gain new members. 3. The last part of the thesis consists of a number of recommendations that BR Legetøj could implement in the company’s organization and marketing strategy. These recommendations are mainly focusing on the topic relationship marketing, and how this type of marketing could help the company with gaining more loyal and profitable customers. This part also contains more general organizational recommendations that can help the company in regards of cutting costs, gaining a broader customer base and ensuring an open communication between company and customer.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages148