Win their hearts and minds: An empirical study of Young Urban Danish consumers and grocery retail branding

Anna Gunterberg & Rebecca Waller

Student thesis: Master thesis


The expression win their hearts and minds encourages brand managers to engage in branding activities that play to consumers’ emotional as well as rational sides. Emotional dimensions that stimulate the consumer further are important in the grocery retailer’s aim for differentiation, which increases their chances to generate customers that are satisfied and hence potentially truly loyal. Inspired by our daily life as inhabitants in Copenhagen we set out to explore what the Young Urban Danish consumers value when it comes to grocery retailing, since it is of high importance to understand what they value for managers that wish to build the Danish grocery retail brand of the future. The findings from our empirical research gave us a clear indication of what the Young Urban Danish consumers value about grocery retailing. In their current store, they emphasized the importance of functional attributes while their favorite store adds value through emotional qualities. Moreover the description of their dream store enlightened the importance of these two aspects simultaneously in one store. We were able to identify four consumer types among our respondents characterized by differences in what they value about grocery retailers, and their motivation as grocery retail consumers: Basic Betina/Bjørn, Organic Olivia/Ola, Communicative Christine/Casper, and Explorative Emilie/Erik. We concluded that there is an overall problem with regards to satisfaction among the Young Urban Danish consumers, since what they want seems to be unavailable in Copenhagen today, namely; a grocery retailer than can deliver both functional and emotional value for reasonable prices. In conclusion we argue that grocery retail managers should consider paying more attention to their corporate brand in order to build a coherent identity that is trustworthy for the consumer and gives them something to relate to. Emotional attributes need more attention in order to satisfy the consumer while adding value as well as increasing the likelihood of gaining and maintaining a relationship with the consumer. Yet this should all be done with careful consideration of price and convenience.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages135