Kandidatafhandling om Persondataforordningen: Samtykkekravet ved indsamling af personoplysninger

Casper Bernekilde & Sabrina Jovanovic

Student thesis: Master thesis


Throughout the recent years, there have been rapid technological developments regarding information collection of privacy data. Generally, it has developed positive factors such as a reduction in cost of learning and negative consequences by making the subject, regarding privacy violation, insecure.
Continuously, the purpose of this study is to determine to what extent the executive order on information and consent required in case of storing and accessing information in end-user terminal equipment (“Cookie Order”), is in accordance with the forthcoming Grand Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Furthermore, the paper considers the judicial policy of this topic. We aim to uncover the economic effects to value personal data on the market, namely the consumer- and producer surplus, and how the price elasticity can affect this.
Additionally, we investigate whether the current or future requirements of consent is most efficient for the society, and whether a change can increase the aggregate society utility of Denmark within the boundaries of the EU-regulation regarding GDPR.
The paper, by analyzing present and forthcoming law, has specified the criteria for consent in accordance with the collection of privacy information. However, the overall findings state that the practical collection of privacy data is deficient regarding consumer protection.
The thesis continues to define the market for privacy information.

EducationsMSc in Commercial Law, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages113