The Business of Blogging: A Multiple Case Study

Bergljót Arnardóttir

Student thesis: Master thesis


Over the years, the social media phenomenon has revolutionized industries as it not only changed consumption patterns and consumer culture, but also shifted the power from the brand to the consumer. Blogs are a part of this phenomenon and have already had a great influence on several industries, but perhaps non more so than the fashion industry. They have been able to turn this once closed industry into a more dynamic and democratic global conversation by building their own platforms and attracting an audience. Several fashion bloggers have become well known and their blogs have been perceived as new and exciting platforms for branding, attracting several high-end companies. Throughout this process, these bloggers have been able to seek ways to monetize their blogs and further develop their own personal brand. This thesis therefore seeks to investigate how fashion bloggers have converted their blogs from providing their readers with their view on a particular subject to becoming an international known brand by essentially transforming their blogs into a business. The ability to transform blogs into a business is a topic that until now has not been widely researched, therefore a multiple case study of how five fashion bloggers have been able to transform their blogs into a business was chosen. As a result, the findings of this thesis are grounded in academic theory and real-life practice. Going through the material found on the matter, a theory on blogs along with a framework grounded in theory was applied to the five case studies chosen. Through an inductive and deductive approach it was first of all found that these blogs have somewhat transformed from the basic structure that blogs once held. Secondly, a theoretical replication was found among the cases suggesting that by engineering a community, combined with the three main goals a blogger should have, bloggers should be able to transform their blogs into a business. Through the cross-case synthesis, additional characteristics of the case studies were found that further elaborated this possible framework.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages93