Green Habit Formation: The Role of Frequent Purchase and Cognitive Influencing Factors

Julie Strøm Toustrup

Student thesis: Master thesis


To investigate the possibility of changing a consumer habit from purchasing conventional milk to purchasing ecological milk, 15 volunteer consumers from Rema 1000 Ølstykke, Denmark, purchased EM through a period of 8 weeks. The participants filled out questionnaires and were interviewed 3 times during the program. The participants’ behaviors were analyzed in relation to their concern for animal welfare, personal health and the environment as well as their ‘concern score’ based on environmental and health related behavior. These were fitted into an analytical framework created on the basis of Bañeguil’s and Chamorro’s ‘ecological consumer purchasing model’ (2002) combined with Duhigg’s ‘habit loop’ (2012). The participants were analyzed according to their ability to move from one level of the model to the next, based on attitude and behavior as well as an identification tool for the negative CIFs (Cognitive Influencing Factors) that prevented the participants from continuing the ecological behavior. The exploration revealed changes in purchasing behaviors as well as CIFs preventing moves between the steps of the framework. The findings of this paper are in congruence with previous conducted research revolving around ecological food purchases.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages135