Socialkonstruktionisme i Forsvaret: En undren vedrørende Forsvarets ledelsesgrundlag

Rune Køhler & Jasper Kristian Mikkelsen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


This is a thesis on social-constructionism in the Danish Defence – or more specifically an examination of the Danish Defence’s official concept of management in a predominantly social-constructionist perspective. The thesis is authored by two officers attending a diploma programme in organisation and management at Copenhagen Business School, and the authors’ main motivation for performing this examination has been an emerging, but persistent wondering concerning the general existence and presence – or lack thereof – of the above mentioned concept of management. This wondering is rooted in and spurred on by a theoretical perspective mainly comprised of Ralph D. Stacey’s theory of Complex Responsive Processes, and through the application of a reflexive narrative method the authors have concluded the following: The examined concept of management is a socially constructed and evolving object; it exist through local human interactions and the characteristics of these specific interactions determine the nature of the social object for the interacting individuals; it exists because specific individuals have participated in specific local interactions in which the individuals’ interplay of intentions regarding the social object have resulted in the present concept of management.

EducationsThe Graduate Diploma in Organisation, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages254