Ledelse af strategisk kreativ selvledelse: Forpligtelse for forretning – frihed til selvledelse

Sigrid Bramming

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis aims to unfold and clarify Lars Geer Hammershøj’s notion leadership of creative self-leadership theoretically. The notion is relevant to understand, as the knowledge economy companies need to cultivate creativity to stay or become innovative and thereby competitive in the ever-changing global society. Further- more, employees need to be able to cultivate creativity to make sure they are still attractive in the job market, as robots, artificial intelligence and automation takes over more and more non-routine jobs. Also, cultivating creativity in companies demands leadership to secure the relevance of the creative ideas, and at the same time freedom as the employee needs to be free to think and work in new ways, which is why self-leadership becomes relevant.
By discussing creativity from different theoretical perspectives and within the themes of product, person, process and press, a clearer understanding of the preconditions for creativity and the creative process arises. This is then discussed with different types of self-leadership: Controlled self-leadership, existential self-leadership and strategic self-leadership. The discussion argues for a fusion between creative self-leadership and strategic self-leadership, as both theories focus on letting the employee commit her- or himself to fulfil the company purpose, through her or his earned freedom. This lets the employee decide, why one is working, what the goal should be with the task, and how one will execute the task, which is essential, as creative ideas cannot be predicted or forced and thereby decided in advance by a leader. Thus, strategic creative self-leadership becomes an appropriate notion for the merged understanding. From the two discussions about creativity and self-leadership, the final part argues how a leader can lead to promote the preconditions for creativity and the creative process, and how a leader can support their employees in their strategic creative selfleadership. This leads to the notion leadership of strategic creative self-leadership, which can be seen as a way of understanding the notion leadership of creative self-leadership.
By unfolding and developing the theory about leadership of strategic creative self-leadership an operational concept is presented, which can be used by leaders who wish to promote creativity in their company or department. Furthermore, it also gives the employee a way of understanding her or his own role as a strategic creative self-leading employee.

EducationsMSocSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages79