A study on team sport spectators: Attracting Danish low-high involved spectators to handball using motivational motives and team brand associations

Sissi Vestergaard

Student thesis: Master thesis


The overall aim of this thesis is to investigate how Danish male handball league teams can attract spectator to their arena using motivational motives and brand associations. The objective for these teams’ marketers is, to gain insight into the handball consumers and understand how they can attract them, dependent on their psychological involvement with the team. Through reviewing and exploring relevant studies and literature, a theoretical framework was developed to based this investigation on along with developing the deduced sub research questions that was going to lead this investigation. A cross-sectional research design consisting of quantitative questionnaire, which also include a qualitative tool to collect free listed brand associations, was used to explore the scope of research along with expert interviews to get a better understanding of the handball market. The questionnaire was set up with valid measurements to help explain the relationship between the variables, motives and purchase intent, and brand associations and purchase intent. For motivational motives the findings revealed were, that the most important motive was excitement as it was found present in all four PCM segments. However it is important to notice that consumer by different underlying motives and reasons, dependent on their level of involvement. In the awareness stage entertainment was also found to be an important motive, and in the attraction stage motives for performance should also be considered. The findings revealed for brand associations, were only relevant for teams like BSV, Skjern H., GOG and KIF KK. Nine Handball Team Brand Associations (HTBA) were revealed and most of them could indirectly influence consumers purchase intent for each team, however the findings differ from one team to another. KIF KK’s brand associations were evaluated and found strong, favourable and unique, if individual brand associations within the categories were considered. The research findings provide useful insight for handball team marketers wondering how to attract spectators to their arenas. However further research, like qualitative interviews, should be conducted to gain a better understanding for underlying motives behind the important motivational motives as well as the brand associations perceived by the consumer.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages168