The impact of enterprise mobility: A case study of SOS Internatiomal A/S

Sølvi Jespersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The research question focused on the strategic impact the adoption of enterprise mobility within SOS International A/S. The objective was to examine and elaborate on the strategic reshapement SOS was undergoing as a result of their ongoing development of B2B mobile applications. In order to give a comprehensive answer to the research question, three assisting research objectives were formulated: (1) – how mobile ICT’s could be utilized to support the organizational strategy; (2)- identifying how the development of a mobile application can benefit the organization’s customers; and (3) – uncovering how an organization can benefit from the development process itself. One of the main findings was that strategic alignment and enterprise readiness were essential components if organizations want to benefit from Enterprise Mobility. If the mobile applications under consideration did not fit with the long-term goals and objectives of the organization the organization could not benefit from its implementation. These were examined and analyzed throughout multiple layers of SOS’ organization. Early on it was evident that the currently available Enterprise Mobility literature was somewhat outdated in relation to this papers specific area of research. The literature did not address the very significant and relevant issue of the exponentially increasing use and proliferation of mobile applications amongst smartphone-users and corporations. However the analysis showed that SOS did its best to ensure that the mobile applications developed by them supported their own business strategy. This was done by establishing a cross-organizational project group in order to increase the overall organizational readiness. Furthermore the research showed that the benefits the mobile applications provided SOS International and their customers with, were a high level of informational and transformational benefits. These were evident in terms of increased efficiency, cost-savings, increased innovation and potentially opening up alternative markets for SOS International in the near future.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages127