Creativity on Demand: Seeking predictability in an industry of uncertainty

Christopher Klüter & Caroline Koren Raffnsøe

Student thesis: Master thesis


Creativity is increasingly being used as a key value driver, both in the creative industries as well as in traditional ones. Yet creative practices are often at odds with managerial mandates in an attempt to keep operations steady and predictable. Taking this as a point of departure, we explored how small B2B companies in the creative industries in Denmark lead and manage within their organizations to facilitate creative production. We draw from a constructivist approach and use a mixture of Grounded Theory methods and 3 case studies inspired mostly by Kathy Charmaz’ constructivist Grounded Theory approach. Theory building from cases by Kathleen Eisenhardt was also applied, as we created a conceptual framework intended to shine a light on the elements required to achieve a more likely and reliable creative output. Through the use of semi-structured interviews, we collected qualitative data from 4 companies and 10 individuals in total. Our findings included 27 individual categories grouped into 5 core categories from where we explicated a conceptual model meant to showcase points of friction with regard to managing creatives and trying to achieve the greatest possible likelihood of creative output. The paper also serves as a detailed account of our use of Grounded Theory method, outlining in great detail our process of arriving at our findings, an element otherwise often absent in all research papers known to the authors. Following the formulation of the conceptual model and exemplifying its application on several company cases, we turn to comparing our findings with existing literature and discussing certain key aspects of the model. To sum up our research within 3 case companies and 1 holdout sample; we found a strong linkage between the company’s values and culture and the individual functioning of creatives. The managerial measures taken, with respect to these, form the base of our analysis.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages125