Brugen af konjunktur analyse i danske virksomheder?

Jesper Nielsen & Morten Madsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


In the modern business world where competition is as intensive as ever, it becomes more and more important to optimize where ever it is possible. It is necessary for the firm to utilize all the tools at hand. One often overlook tool is the Business Cycle Analysis. This tool can create a stream of helpful information that will make planning decisions on all levels of the firm broader funded and perhaps more important it makes it easier to take the right decisions. It is especially useful on the top level where decisions about strategy are made - it is paramount for the company that the strategy is in tune with the Business Cycle. If the company can time the construction of production facilities so that the new facilities is built during the recession, when building prices are low and then have the facilities ready for the upswing, they gain double. First on behalf of expenses second because they can befit from the increase in demand. This is just one of the countless possibilities the company will be able to exploit with Business Cycle analysis. This raise the question: Does Danish companies use this very powerful tool? The main focus of this thesis is to explore how, to what and when/where Danish companies use it. We do not ask the companies to what specific Business Cycle Analyses tool they utilize. That calls for a more direct approach where interviews rather than a survey should be used. Furthermore the interviews should be directed to key persons in the companies in the economy department. This would require more resources than we had at our disposal. In the thesis is gathered the most important theorists and theories on the field. The reasoned is a wish form the authors’ side to introduce Business Cycle Analysis to the greatest possible number of companies in Denmark. Therefore the theory chapter contains the most basic knowledge as well as some more developed and advanced theories. We conclude that the biggest companies use Business Cycles Analysis the most. This conclusion is almost uniquely. The companies use this tool the most when they determine their future strategy and the least when the topic in question is far from their core business. Another conclusion is that the use is determined to a large degree by in which industry they belong.

EducationsMSc in Finance and Accounting, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages117