Immaterielle aktiver / IFRS: Med udgangspunkt i investors informationsbehov undersøges om en årsrapport aflagt efter IFRS - indeholdende immaterielle aktiver – giver et tilstrækkeligt grundlag for en værdiansættelse af virksomheden

René Andersen & John Nielsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis is the conclusion of the Cand.merc.aud. Study at Copenhagen Business School. Our thesis is based on which informative level that annual reports prepared according to IFRS has and the accounting policies of intangible assets under IFRS. The debates on intangible assets and goodwill have existed for many years. The development of the economy towards a knowledge based economy where companies annual reports contain more intangible assets than previously, has led to an information gap between companies and users of the annual report. Therefore the need for more information than financial information has increased. In this thesis we have examined the relevant accounting policies according to IFRS, which companies is obliged to follow regarding intangible assets, as we have reviewed the basic system and conceptual framework on which IFRS is based. The above mentioned information gap between companies and a user has made us want to examine, whether the information needs an analyst have, is covered in an annual report prepared according to IFRS. We have selected annual reports from companies in the pharmaceutical industry, which we have analyzed according to the recommendations in Value Reporting in order to assess whether companies annual reports in 2008 cover the needs for an analyst in a valuation process. We conclude finally that the annual reports prepared according to IFRS, in which intangible assets are included, is comprehensive, and in accordance with the accounting requirements and the financial information is supplemented by non-financial information. We believe companies experience this due to pressure from the outside world. This trend is a positive trend, as more information is given to users, analysts and the market. In our opinion information prepared in annual report prepared according to IFRS in the pharmaceutical business still do not give an analyst the needed information to give an evaluation of a company.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages121