Understanding Dietary Behavior to Increase Consumption of Pulses in Denmark: An Exploratory Study of Dietary Choices

Christian Munch-Jakobsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


An efficient way to decrease CO2 emission as well as the incidence of several type of lifestyle diseases is identified to be the ability to increase the number of people who engage in the behaviors of eating plant based protein instead of consuming and eating unsustainable unhealthy animal protein.
This thesis seeks to generate insights into affecting dietary decision-making among millennial omnivores and vegetarians in Denmark. With offset in the research question: ​What strategies could be implemented to increase consumption of pulses​ in Denmark?. By the means of a inductive reasoning and a grounded theory strategy is applied to an approach to collect empirical data. As such, the empirical fundament is based on 4 semi-structured and in-depth focus group interviews. These semi-structured interviews are applied qualitative in a mono methodological approach. In the coding process of the interview​ s, both ​data-drive​ n and ​theory-driven codes in order to be able to carry through a thematic analysis, that derive and recognize essential internal drivers and external influences. Relevant behavioral theories are additionally included to achieve a more thorough investigation of the research question. Especially, the personal internal driver of health was identified as the most important priority among the interviewees, and the individuals seek for external validation to confirm these inner drivers. Three external influencers were identified to be a matter of expert opinions, engagement and social interactions. These external influences were identified to be most essential to reinforce individual dietary choices. Finally, the thesis additionally concludes that the processes of dietary change occur through an interplay of internal drivers and the external influences and in relation to this, a conceptual framework for changing behaviour to increase consumption of pulses in Denmark is developed. This framework is considered to contribute to the development of strategies that seek to increase the consumption of pulses and are thus recommended to be applied by managers within this subject of matter.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages129