dagligvarer når der passer dig: Der ønskes udarbejdet en strategisk markedsplan for med henblik på at øge markedsandelen på det danske dagligvaremarkedtil 1,8 % iløbet af år 2021

Charlotte Dahl Klitvad

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


Technological developments and an ever-busier everyday means that the Danes have embraced ecommerce and to a larger extent conduct their shopping online. In 2016, the Danes shopped online 162 million times of which 11 million of these concerned grocery shopping. has existed since 2010 and despite of the positive development in online trade, as well as the increase in’s turnover, currently only has a market share of 0.8% of the total market for groceries, which indicates an unexploited potential in the market. This paper thus seeks to answer how can increase its market share to 1.8% before the end of 2021. Through an internal and external analysis, the paper defines’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the external opportunities and threats in order to put forward possible strategic initiatives that can increase the market share as desired. Based on these initiatives, an impact study is conducted and the future strategy is selected. The internal analysis shows that currently has a solid foundation for creating further growth. Due to a new ecommerce platform, a wide variety of goods and one-hour delivery intervals, has secured the possibility for future growth. Despite experiencing an increase in turnover, they have however not yet been successful in creating a positive result for their bottom line, which means that they have limited financial resources for the future strategy. The external analysis shows that there is a potential for growth due to the macro environment where the technological development is considered the largest opportunity for On the contrary, is threatened by highly competitive market and a threat from substitutive products of which physical grocery stores constitute the largest threat. Based on segmentation and the average spend on groceries,’s future target group is defined as families with children of all ages. For the target group, the most important aspects of grocery shopping are the ability to get everything in one place, good offers and a large selection of ecological goods, as well as flexible and cheap delivery. Today, is the market leader in the market for online grocery stores with a market share of 41%. In addition, enjoys the highest brand awareness among current providers for which reason it to a large extent is important to establish a preference among the consumers to secure the desired growth. In order to secure the desired growth, it is concluded that going forward, ought to follow the two growth strategies, market penetration and market development. Market penetration shall happen through increased sales to the current market and market development through extension of the distribution area to also include Aalborg and Esbjerg.’s future marketing should consist of paid, owned and earned media to further secure the desired growth.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Marketing Management, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages100