Branding in a consumer-to-consumer marketing perspective: Case company - Heineken

Steffen Wang Mortensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The thesis provides a brand analysis of Heineken on the Danish market by addressing the issue of building a brand to pursue the potential in Consumer-to-Consumer marketing. However, the focus is on Heineken and the Danish market the paper can serve as inspiration on how to apply the ideas in other industries and markets. Part I of the paper serves to build the brand within three different identities, namely, the brand as product, brand as organization and brand as person. The aim is to let consumers experience similarities between the brand identities and the consumers’ own identity which is in consumer behavioural research proven to increase the likelihood to engage in a purchase action. The development of the brand identities are rooted in a strategic analysis where threats and possibilities from customers, competitors and current brand image are assessed. The results indicate that Heineken should emphasize the refreshing element in the taste (brand as product) and develop the global image further by adding tangible attributes to the global image as being concerned about e.g. climate challenges, fair trade or human rights (brand as organization). Lastly, the development of the brand as organization can furthermore have an impact on brand as person to be an altruistic, humane person who cares about other people. The three brand identities are subsequently applied to develop a model on how to assess each of the brand identities’ contribution to stimulate C2C-communication (Part II). The results of the model indicate that brand as organization cannot be said to have significant impact on consumers’ tendency to conduct C2C-communication. Brand as product turn out to be the greatest contributor to non-verbal C2C-communication where brand as person is the greatest contributor to verbal C2C-communication. However, the model indicates some flaws in the validity regarding the brand as person-results and conclusion must be interpreted with caution. Thus, it is finally suggested to emphasize the refreshing taste to exploit the potential in nonverbal C2C-communication where developing the brand as person can be targeted to opinion leaders to exploit potential in verbal C2C-communication

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages121