How to use the human resources within an organization most efficient: With focus on Innovation, Creativity and Culture

Sanna Skepp Hansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


A previous report conducted by the Europe Commission showed that Norway’s activity level according to innovation is below the average in the EU, where Sweden and Denmark is categorized as Innovation leaders in the same context. Despite macroeconomics growth, the investments on innovation and results what innovation concerns underperform. The purpose of the report is presented as a tool in order to measure and compare the political and organizational activities and focus and force innovation in order to stay competitive in a fast changing environment. Given the low result especially compared to the Nordic countries, a reason might be a mind-set where the focus is to protect the national welfare rather than using resources and risk on the uncertainty activity; innovation. The theoretical approach in this paper will mainly concern how an organization can build up a strategy where creative ideas are appreciated and innovative solutions become further developed given the recourses within the organization. It is the human capital that creates inventions and innovative processes; therefore, creativity has to be stimulated in order to develop good ideas. The methodological approach is based on an exploratory study, and the qualitative analysis is based on semi-structured interviews with well experienced Norwegian workforce who has been working in both public and private sector. The intention was to gain an overall impression on the current organization culture and assess motivational triggers by the individuals. This result led to an idea on how the Norwegian business culture is perceived based on dimensions which are related to the organizational business culture and climate. It is a clear gap between an “innovation friendly environment” and the environment analyzed based on the above presented report as well as the qualitative research conducted in this paper. Therefore, I will present three concrete recommendations organizations can implement in order to use the human capital more efficient to gain innovative results. This is as following. “Performance assessment”, “Happy House Day” and “The Innovation Hub.” The idea is that these initiatives will affect the innovative activity level on short and long term.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages90