Eksistentiel forstoppelse: Om selvdannelse hos spiseforstyrrede i det postindustrielle samfund

Laura Nygaard Rasmussen

Student thesis: Master thesis


In today’s economy self management is directly linked to production. How do we as workers of the post-industrial economy practice self management in a productive way? A way not to, is to develop an eating disorder, and yet eating disorders are the focal point of this thesis. An eating disorder is a very precise way of managing oneself even if it is not productive. By way of borderline cases of self management in an immaterial and increasingly affective economy, eating disorders are very useful for the conceptualization of the nature and unfolding of the self and self management in the last decades of the 20th century and of their potential unfolding in the 21st century. Eating disorders demonstrate to us the unproductive consequences of the inadequate comprehension of the self centered on the transcendental subject and seen through the concept of identity, a fact conveyed brilliantly by Adorno. They also demonstrate the inappropriateness of the capitalistic demand for accumulation in a post-industrial economy. Furthermore eating disorders point to the relevance of Bergsonian and Deleuzian ontology of duration which opens up to the development of productive self management – an ethics of the enduring self.

EducationsMSc in Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages249