Ledelse gennem narrativer i en polyfon virkelighed

Søren Nabe-Nielsen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


The main purpose of this Master, has been to see how three public managers in the Municipality of Elsinore, can use the diversity of narratives in their organization to develop a new common narrative? To answer this question, I have used N. Frye to find that there is a romantic plot about historic waves and a Vision 2020, made by the board, told by the three public managers from the municipality and the head of the “Kulturværft”, a culture institution placed in the renovated old shipyard. The romantic plot is about Elsinore’s golden age, where the story about the Culture Yard is rooted in Elsinore's unique history and location on the Sound and unfolds in a culturally and architecturally innovative center. For the municipality, the romantic story is based on development through a focus on culture- and tourisms, the historic waves, where “peaks of waves symbolize glorified past of the history and troughs of the waves that symbolize downfalls in the history”. For the three, public managers, the romantic plot gives them a direction for their understanding of the municipality and the future. In extension of the romantic wave story I identify other romantic plots that tell a story about courage and a pride of being employed in the municipality. I also show that the romantic plot meets a comedy plot, about the former mayor and the old angry men. These narratives, co-exist among all the other narratives from employees, that are told around the coffee machines, at their desks and so on, show the polyphon reality that exist in the Municipality of Elsinore. Bye using S. Downing, the romantic plot, can be understood as a heroes-expedition, where the hero is the public manager who controls the development, the victims are the old men, and other people who haven’t seen the potential, and the crook is the stagnation that the municipality has conquered. D. Barry and M. Elmes see “retelling” as a technique to make a coherent narrative, initiated by a head of an organization and afterwards retold by the employees. In my Master I show that this technique is not possible to applicate to the diversity of a municipality.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages84
SupervisorsKlaus Majgaard