Offentligt-privat Partnerskab: Analyse af samarbejdsapektet i et kontraktsretligt og kontraktøkonomisk perspektiv

Kristine Marie Andersen & Jesper Nørgaard Kristensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The Danish government has in the recent years been focusing on an increase on the use of pub-lic-private partnerships as a solution for conducting large and complex project in cooperation between the public sector and the private sector. This thesis aims to clarify how the PPP-contract can be designed in order to efficiently support cooperation between the parties and thereby promote the benefits that are embedded in the PPP idea. The biggest advantage of the PPP idea is the holistic approach, where the solution of tasks im-plies an fusion of design, construction and operation, where the public sector and the private sector in cooperation has the opportunity to share and utilize their respective experiences and skills. The thesis shows that the PPP idea can be promoted by cooperation. The resultat of an analysis of the aspect of cooperation in a legal and economic perspective shows, however, that it should be recognized, that effective cooperation between the parties can not be achieved without sub-mitting the cooperation to an advanced and customized contract regulation.

EducationsMSc in Commercial Law, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages91