Ecco Sko til Brasilien

Dan Frisk Petersen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


This thesis focuses on the possibilities for ECCO Shoes (The Company) to enter the Brazilian marketplace. The aim is to identify and understand the opportunities and threats that ECCO will face upon entering the market via a franchise entry model. In order for this thesis to make structural sense, it has been divided into three chapters containing an analysis of the macro, meso- and microenvironment affecting the company in Brazil. The result of this analysis will be the base of which the company’s strategy in the market is developed. The macro environment in Brazil will affect the company in a number of ways. An emerging market, like Brazil, which undergoes huge economic growth, will often experience substantial institutional changes. ECCOs actions will be affected by such market changes, ECCO will be forced to be present in order to control and run the business hands on. Furthermore, a presence in the market can help the company to avoid the high level of corruption in the government, and ensure that the business is managed according to Ecco international standards. The meso environment has been analysed to determine how Ecco can position itself within the Brazilian market to confront the most stringent levels of competition. It will aid in proper strategic development for ECCO to best position itself to identify its target consumer; those wanting to buy international brands, which offer comfort and quality. Moreover, the bargaining power of both the consumer and franchisee has been discussed, to fully understand where Ecco can empower its strengths. Finally, the microenvironment, will determine which consumer group Ecco needs to focus on, how to initiate brand awareness within this group, and ultimately result in consumer purchases. By administering proper market research and analysis of product, place, promotion and price ECCO will properly position itself to be a key player in the Brazilian shoe market. The three levels of analysis are gathered in a Swot, to identify Eccos internal competencies which are developed in a company strategy tailored to the market; thus, ensuring Eccos success moving forward.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in International Business, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages98