Meeting Customer Expectations with Green Marketing: A Case Study of the Swedish Retailer ICA

Tyra Ragnhild Fredrika Carlzon & Eva Christine Lööb

Student thesis: Master thesis


Ecology is gaining attention in Sweden, and the demand for ecological commodities is growing. This has lead to increased incentives for food retailers to incorporate and strengthen their ecological focus. However, a breach has been identified between the demand for ecological products, and the amount of products actually purchased. On the Swedish food market, ICA is the largest retailer with an impressive market share of 50 %. Thus, this thesis explore how retailers can motivate consumer behaviour, and with green marketing increase their ecological consumption, by specifically studying ICA. To be able to get a thorough stance of data, the researches have used a mixed methods approach and included both qualitative and quantitative methods. Moreover, to structure the method choice, ‘Research Onion’ has been employed. Findings indicate that consumers expectations of ecological commodities may be overseen by ICA. There appears to be a link between health and ecology. To analyse ICA’s current green marketing in relation to customers’ expectations for ecological commodities, the researchers have employed the conventional marketing tool ‘4 P’s of Marketing Management’. The model was proven rewarding, as it assisted the researchers in finding where ICA may not meet customers expectations. Recommendations suggest that ICA should expand their private eco-brand ‘I Love eco’, merge their ecological and health focused brands, expand their communication strategy, and facilitate customer co-creation. Conclusively, this study contributes primary with implications to ICA however, additionally adds value to academia by transferring a conventional marketing tool to the area of green marketing. Keywords: Ecology, Retail, Green Marketing, Purchase Behaviour, Habits, Private eco-brands

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages101