En verden med sociale medier: En undersøgelse af sociale mediers betydning af forholdet mellem virksomheder og stakeholdere med undgangspunkt i et forbrugerperspektiv

Camilla Westphal & Sasja Gundmand Andersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis is a study of how social media influence the relationship between companies and stakeholders, based on the importance of digital communication. Today, consumers expect to go online and find the information they need. This makes demands on companies to be present on social media and to post relevant and appropriate content to consumers, as a kind of customer service. Consumers know what content they want, and on what social media they want it. This makes it difficult for companies to create a strategy, without knowing specific aspects of how to communicate on social media. The aim of this thesis is to contribute with new knowledge as a supplement to an already existing field and to discuss the importance of companies using social media to engage consumers in their company. Furthermore, to examine how the increased consumer power through social media influence companies’ brands. Based on the importance of consumer opinions, the data in this thesis are both primary and secondary. The primary data are collected through a focus group interview and a survey, both of which qua their consumer perspective contribute with a deeper insigth into how companies should use social media. The theoretical part gives an overview of the transformation of brand, communication and media. The relevant theories and methods have been selected to support the thesis’ analysis and purpose of the study. The results of the study contribute to a better understanding of how important it is for companies to use social media successfully and to establish a closer relationship with the consumers. Furthermore, social media are an important platform for companies to include in their communication strategy due to the possibility of using it for multiple purposes. In our research, we discovered when online content is created and developed, consumers have a more dominant and central role as co-creators. In future research, it would be relevant to study and assess advantages and disadvantages of the different social media. Because of the development and impact of social media in society and the fact that social media context is constantly changing, it is essential to study and get a deeper insight into how social media can be implemented in a communication strategy also with respect to the offline communication channels. Keywords: Social media, impact of social media, consumers’ use of social media, companies’ use of social media, employer branding, brand image, brand loyalty, brand awareness.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages239