H vem er det der bestemmer? En kritisk deskriptiv undersøgelse af de danske praktiserende læger som primær målgruppe ved lancering af nye lægemidler

Lisbeth Ree

Student thesis: Master thesis


Reflecting on the observation of increasing marketing costs throughout the pharmaceutical industry, questions is raised about the industry's primary strategic approach toward GPs as the primary target market. The aim of this thesis has been to study Danish GPs, as they by the industry is considered the dominant decision makers when choosing drugs, and argue that the pharmaceutical industry should review existing marketing strategies, with the GP as the focal point. With critical rationalism as the social scientific approach, a theoretical empirical analysis is conducted to understand the factors that affect and influence a GPs prescribing behaviour. It is believed that the industry, with the use of detailing in relation to launching new drugs has relied on the theory of Defussion Innovations, and the belief of segmenting the social system in groups by adoption time. However these ideas are not confirmed in empirical studies. Instead, the studies of prescribing behaviour provides a diverse and conflicting picture of the numerous factors that can affect and influence the decision-making behaviour of the GPs when prescribing drugs. There are strong indications that when choosing drugs, the principles of bounded rationality are highly prevalent. This is despite the traditional notion, that the pharmaceutical market as a Business-to- Business market, is inherently rational and logical in its approach to making decisions. The Danish market for prescription drugs is considered to be highly regulated. This is due to legislation such as, prescription monitoring, reimbursement regulations and laws on substitution. These forms of legislation are believed to be a major contributory factor behind the use of guidelines when legal action is taken involving prescription drugs. Based on the assumption regarding the use of guidelines, this thesis proposes a theory as a possible explanation of the reflective problem: The GP is not the dominant decision maker in choosing conclusively drug. A survey of 29 Danish GPs was conducted and a test of the theory was carried out in terms of a hypothesis test. Despite the low level of analysis, and reliability problems in terms of the demographic data collection method, this theory is considered a valid explanation based on the social scientific approach. It concluded, however, that there should be further tests on the theory based on the analysis of prescribing behaviour in relation to achieving a more valid basis for arguing for the review of choice of primary target

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages122