The use of neuroscience to address issues to economics and marketing: variuos attitude and future development

Matteo Bellisario

Student thesis: Master thesis


Purpose – The purpose of this thesis is to shed light on the different attitudes of various individuals toward the use of neuroscience in economics and marketing. A brief introduction, of the difficulties faced by the companies using traditional market research methods and the technological evolution, leads to the application of neuroscience to address issues to economics and marketing. Furthermore the thesis offers an idea of how these methods are currently used and where the practitioners in the field presume them to evolve. Design/methodology/approach – The discussion about the traditional methods and the research for more precise and scientific based methods is undertaken on both a theoretical and applied nature. In order to obtain data about the various attitudes has been run an online survey, the data gathered have been later on analysed using T-Tests and Linear Regression Models. On the other hand to get more precise insight about the expectation of evolution have been organized face to face interviews with the most internationally prominent practitioners within and around neuromarketing. Findings – The first part shows that although this is an emerging field the interest and the number of information together with the studies attempted is in continuous and exponential growth. Through the online survey has been possible to deny the supposed negative attitude, especially from the consumers’ class, toward the use of neuroscience, and to propose a positive correlation between the interest and knowledge about the field with and the attitude toward neuroscience. The interviews suggest how these methods can contribute to confirm/deny, reconfigure, or improve the conventional theories about consumers’ behaviours, and besides how neuroscience could be used in favour not only of the companies but also of the consumers. Practical implications – It is essential to understand what is happening in this emerging field, to provide more objective information about the current official studies conducted with the use of neuroscience. Consumers need to be more informed, practitioners would benefit of a closer collaboration, and the discipline would develop in a climate free of over enthusiasms or fierce criticisms. Originality/value – The lack of official survey or review regarding the attitudes toward the discipline make of this paper an important source of data. The analysis shows significant statistical results contrary to what previously assumed about the general negative attitude. Furthermore the participation of prominent practitioners provides useful and extremely valuable information.

EducationsCand.merc.smc Strategic Market Creation, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages289