Increasing Brand Awareness in the Digital World: A stakeholder analysis

Emilio Rios Galvez

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis provides an analysis of how an online business can increase its brand awareness through internet marketing efforts. The analysis is focused on two main fields, brand awareness and digital world, and backed by an empirical analysis of an online webshop LinenMe. In the business society as it is today, Internet has become a necessary tool for companies doing business internationally. In order for a company to be profitable and achieve competitive advantage, it needs to be present in consumers’ minds. This can be reached by increasing brand awareness of a certain product or a brand. This thesis proposes the roadmap to achieve higher brand awareness by focusing on stakeholders and on online tools (e.g. social media). This thesis also principally addresses the strategic importance of brand awareness through the development of brand equity and brand image among customers. Moreover, the analysis shows that brand awareness can be enhanced through different methods, such as word‐of‐mouth or recommendations. Using the touchpoint model, it is presented that LinenMe can obtain a foundation for increasing its brand awareness and strengthen its customers’ relationship after sale. Therefore, the results show that, by putting into practice a social network strategy, maximizing the brand presence in search engines and by giving a good customer service, the brand awareness and reputation of the brand will be enhanced and thus will lead to company’s success.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages112