Det talentfulde liv: Et fravalg eller tilvalg?

Liza Zola Nielsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Given the fact that career and the talented life is valued highly and considered very important in modern society it appears paradoxically when career mastodons openly choose to distance themselves from the talented prospect. The purpose of this thesis is therefore to investigate this paradox through the following question: “Why is the talented life deselected in a business context?” and “How can the deselecting be interpreted as a creative initiative?” The intention is to create a greater understanding regarding the deselecting and to clarify the paradox in a positive manner in order to contribute with a new and alternative perspective. The structural design of the thesis is based upon a theoretical and empirical approach to the paradox in order to engage a greater surface involving both a clarification and a nuance to the perspective. The theoretical part implies among other things the involvement of scientists like Nadja U. Prætorius, former Adjunct and lector in psychology, Anne-Lise Løvlie Schibbye, psychologist and ph.d. and the economist Joseph A. Schumpeter. The empirical part includes document analysis on four personal experiences regarding deselecting by Lars Juhl, Hanne Feldthus, Martin Andersen and Stine Bosse. The achieved theoretic and empirical data presented in the thesis are processed according to the hermeneutic scientific tradition and a narrative practice, thus both subjective prejudices and interpretations influences the results. The thesis reveals that deselecting the talented life is a break out from self-destruction and low self-esteem as well as a confrontation against external norms and standards of correct behaviour. This raises the phenomena of deselecting to issue perspectives involving self-care and –insight. Simultaneously, the deselecting reflects as a symbol on an entrepreneurial initiative due to their capability of creating new perspective on working conditions on the already existing labour market. By these causes the results should inspire all individuals to evaluate and consider their priorities in life. Not with the purpose of being passive and rejecting the society but with the intention and vision of creating a more balanced and harmonic life.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages92