Fra faglig leder til skoleleder: Systematisk ledelsesudvikling i en kommunal kontekst

René Rasmussen Sjøholm

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


In this dissertation writing process I’ve focused in the fact, that the Danish public school system is in a need of future principals. As head of school and education in municipality Hvidovre, it’s my responsibility that our school system develops in the right way and therefore I’ve tried to uncover, analyze and conclude on three problematized issues.
First of all I’ve explored history that covers the reason of why there haven’t been brought attention on prognoses that predicted national future lack of principals. To uncover this issue, I’ve involved theory about public governance. In this subject It’s been relevant to look at the transfer from NPM to post-NPM in a way of how it’s possible to bring the school system in a common direction. The attention brought to daylight is about how to make changes in time of crises and also how it’s possible to use interaction as a control tool.
The second issue is about how to create commitment in the group of principals. In this case I’ve used the description of good school management to lead the principals into accountability. To support this theoretically I’ve used course, coordination and commitment. Also I’ve involved the concepts forming, storming, norming and performing to describe the interaction and development between the principals and there middle leaders.
In the third issue I’ve focused on action learning processes, cocreation governance and different kind of leader characters to create a talentcourse with a view to develop principal skills. In connection with the talentcourse and through the general dissertation process I’ve used observations and interviews to create knowledge and empiri. Finally this has been summarized with the theory, that I’ve described above and all together that have been the foundation for my analyze and conclusion in the dissertation.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages52