Omkostningsfordelingsproblematik: Fordeling i et netværk, og effekten af den irreducible form af et minimum cost spanning tree problem

Phillip Isak Andersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis deals with theories of cost allocation, with special emphasis on distributions in a network. The first part of the project deals with theory of simple distributions, including this pre-distribution I have studied. The exciting thing about this pre-distribution is that it's a new way to distribute, and it changes some of the known distribution methods. In the second part of this project I investigate the cooperative game theory, such as the structure of a cost sharing game and its impact. But also sharing rules, including the Shapley-value, furthermore I also look into the monotony conditions and which of these distribution rules are able to meet some of the monotony conditions. The third part of the project is all about networking, more accurate method of analysing a network so it can be understood as a distribution problem and solved as a problem of cost sharing problem. In the fourth part of the project I investigate how there can be distributed costs in a network. Among other things if cooperative game theory can be used as allocation procedure, and what other allocation procedure exists, such as Bird-allocation, which is the first allocation procedure of the costs associated with a network. And as in cooperative game theory there are some requirements can be established for the distribution rules, and what impact it will have on the distribution rule if it meets one or more of these requirements. In the fifth and final part of the project, I have studied the irreducible form of a minimum cost spanning tree problem, what are the opportunities of the irreducible form, and what are the application methods of the irreducible form.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Management Science, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages73