Musikbranding i Kommercielle Partnerskaber

Mette Jakobsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master thesis examines the concept of commercial partnerships involving music artists. Based on theory regarding culture of society, strategic marketing, as well as music branding, the overall objective with this thesis is to answer the following research question. In what way are commercial partnerships between music artists and brands able to work as a strategic cooperation to optimise a brand’s value and by this build a closer relation to the consumer? - How is a close relation to the postmodern consumer created in the best possible way? - How are brands able to gain strategic advantages by using co-branding along with artist endorsement? - In what way is music branding having an effect on brand equity? A case study dealing with a co-operation between the gaming operator Danske Spil and the rock band D-A-D will help clarify this study further. Furthermore, a constructed qualitative face-to-face interview with the marketing manager of Danske Spil will gain an insight into a real life case of a company choosing to work with music artists in their marketing. Additionally, a qualitative face-to-face interview with the business developer of Sony Music will give an expert opinion on the field of commercial partnerships in the music industry. The compiled primary data are the framework of the case study analysis, besides the collection of secondary data, whereas the hermeneutic method creates an evolving understanding of the process of music branding in commercial partnerships. In order to create a close bond to the consumer, it is important to take notice of the society’s trends, whereas the culture of the postmodern society is a major factor when it comes to having an influence on the consumer. A specific solution on how to interact with the consumer in the best possible way is, however, difficult to define, but it is important to bear in mind that the consumer has a tendency towards favouring brands which create added value in terms of self-actualization and experiences – all seen as a result of the postmodernism. In the light of culture of society, Danske Spil has chosen to co-operate with D-A-D in order to improve its brand value and create a closer relation to the postmodern gambler, as D-A-D is supposed to appear in an online casino gambling machine. The commercial partnership between Danske Spil and D-A-D is built upon a co-branding strategy with shared values and a similar target group. Additionally, it is important for the male-dominated 35+-target group of Danske Spil to be able to identify with D-A-D as a respected rock band, giving associations to their rebelling youth. The added value which D-A-D brings into the process is therefore of great importance, given the symbolic meaning transfer the artist endorsement exemplifies. When it comes to music branding, the use of emotional values in branding is of particular importance, seeing that music creates feelings leading straight to the heart of the consumer. In this connection, Danske Spil has chosen to build a music branding strategy involving D-A-D, whereas a reassessed marketing mix in terms of the 4 E’s will clarify Danske Spil’s marketing strategy as regards emotions, experiences, engagement and exclusivity. In addition to that, it is estimated that music branding has an influence on brand equity, as a well-executed music strategy strengthens brand equity. Finally, the analysed case study will draw a conclusion upon the use of commercial partnerships involving music artists. By this means, the use of music branding on a more general level will be discussed in order to illuminate the almost untouched area of co-operations with music artists. The conclusion is that the field of music branding in commercial partnerships has great potential for companies as a way to interact with consumers in a more value-adding, experience-based way, which is of great importance when it comes to brand equity. Moreover, a modern music branding model is developed focusing on society trends, valueadding artist partnerships and strategic marketing in terms of the 4 E’s as the building blocks of a music branding strategy.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages103