Creativity in gastronomy: Exploring the connection between art and craft

Louise Bro Pedersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The creative industries are booming in terms of growth in employment both in Denmark and internationally. It appears that the leading commodity today, is the human ability to be creative. However, in the realm of creative production only the final creative outcome is val-ued, and thereby merely assumes that the input is creative. If the creative input i.e. creativ-ity is not explored then this could leave a gap in unexplored potential in this new leading commodity. Creative industries value creative production, i.e. tangible products or services with intangi-ble value. These products or services must to some extent be novel, original, or artistic; but the extent to which they are this, is determined by professional critics and stakeholders. One industry which is also booming is gastronomy, and especially in Denmark with the emergence of the New Nordic Cuisine and the international success of Noma. Gastronomy is not recognised as a creative industry despite this international acclaim. Gastronomy does differ from the normal conception of creativity, which subscribes that creative people thrive with freedom and autonomy. Gastronomy is organised by means of structure, hierarchy and values craftsmanship and skills, but nevertheless the outcome is often novel and original and also artistic as it is an experience for the diner. This project explores the connection between art and craft in creative industries and in gastron-omy, in order to answer the research questions of this project which are; why gastronomy is not considered a creative industry?; and how does a structured approach to creativity influence creative performance? The project concludes that some gastronomic outcome is novel, original and artistic. It is therefore concluded that the reason why gastronomy is not considered a creative industry is due to the lack of recognition within the domain. The project also concludes that within gas-tronomy, creativity is induced by means of skills, which are applied in a structured process to create new dishes. It is concluded that with guidelines such as the New Nordic Cuisine Manifesto, the limitation of only using seasonal products set a clear task and a challenge that induced creative performance in gastronomy.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages83