Farmaceut - hvorfor ikke? En afhandling om årsagerne til valg af videregående uddannelse samt markedsføring af Farmaceutisk Fakultet

Gitte Helene Stenum & Sarah Buus Nielsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The Pharmaceutical Faculty is facing a problem due to a low number of applicants to its undergraduate degree. This is especially caused by a decline in applicants who choose this degree as a first priority. Moreover due to a general increase in higher education applications, it is important for the Pharmaceutical Faculty to gain an insight into how young people choose higher education courses. Therefore a study of these issues is relevant. It is therefore important for this paper to answer the following question: Which factors have an influence on the prospective students’ higher education choices? The main factor, according to the focus groups and questionnaire, is the prospective students own interests, however, work opportunities are also an influential factor when it comes to choosing an education. In addition to this it became known that few students knew about the degree, it is therefore important for the faculty to create relations between the prospective students and themselves. This is also important since the high school students who already have a relation to the faculty have a positive impression. Furthermore they should only use marketing materials that are manageable and available, and use the internet as the primary source of information. The faculty should in their material communicate what the degree contains and what career prospects are available when graduating. The suggestions are therefore; that the faculty should concentrate on having all information on the internet, only using the brochure as a teaser providing an overview of the degree. Moreover their different marketing materials should all be connected, in this way the prospective students are more likely to realise when the faculty is marketing itself. The faculty should create strong relations by contacting student advisors and high school teachers, thus the students can hear about the degree through their high school, making the schools function as a link between the prospective students and the Pharmaceutical Faculty.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages296