Familiens beslutningsproces i forbindelse med købet af første mobiltelefon til barnet.

Henrik Muurmann Henriksen & Mads Toxverd Woldbye

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this thesis is to identify the decision process for a family, when buying the child’s first mobile phone. We study the parents’ and the children’s influence on the decision process connected with the choice of mobile phone and mobile subscription. The time the family spends on the decision process is studied as well. We also study how much information both the parents and the children collect and where they get this information from. Additionally, we attempt to map which services and additional products the parents could be interested in, regarding the children’s mobile subscription. The results of the thesis are processed via data from three studies. Two secondary studies are used, The Children’s Index of Gallup 2009 and The Tele Index of Gallup 2010 (Danish: Gallups Børneindex 2009 and Gallups Teleindex, respectively). Furthermore, a primary study is made, which we have designed and arranged, so that it illuminates the specific problem in the thesis. The results of the analysis show that it is the parents who have the biggest influence on the choice of mobile phone and subscription for the children. The parents are gatekeepers, controlling whether or not the children can have a mobile phone, and it is the parents who are responsible for paying for both the mobile phone and subscription. In addition, the parents decide when the children can have a mobile phone. It can be both the parents and the children who require that the children get a mobile phone. Many children request a mobile phone themselves. When the parents also have a need for the children to get a mobile phone, the decision process is shorter. Increased peace of mind and the fact that the parents can get in touch with their children is two of the most important reasons why parents get a mobile phone for their children. The third most important reason is that the children themselves request a mobile phone, where after the parents meet the children’s need. Regarding marketing, this should be directed at the parents, as it is them who make the decision and buy the mobile phone and mobile subscription for the children.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages153