E-valg i Danmark

Liselotte Astrup & Thomas Jakobsen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


The technology has for many years been able to digitalize elections and a lot of experiments have been made in other countries. In Denmark the politicians want us to be one of the leading IT-countries in the world and we are very digitalized in the administrative work-flows, but when it comes to e-voting and e-democracy it seems like Denmark is long behind countries, we normally use to compare. We want to find the reasons why by asking: Which drivers and barriers exists according to implementation of e-voting in Denmark ? According to that, we want to investigate why the danish Government is more reserved than other countries in making any experiments with e-voting. E-voting is just a part of democracy, which also includes communication, decision making, user involvement etc. and the technology (especially the internet) is a fantastic tool to support that kind of dialogs between all kind of groups in the society. We want to find out how the technology can be used to develop the democracy in the future – towards an e-democracy.

EducationsMaster of Public Administration, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages109