Diskursen om erhvervsskolerne: En vision om bedre og mere attraktiveerhvervsuddannelserog den gode fortælling

Maria Christiansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Increased political focus on education and socio-economic expectations about the future create a greater need for more technical educated student. As a result, The Danish Ministry of Education seeks to change the reputation of these institutions. This master thesis examines the discourse of education in Denmark, to be exact, the discourse on professionals in the education system at technical schools. The thesis is based on observations in the most recent reform on technical educations from 2014, which presents a new strategy focused on recruiting. The objective of the thesis is to clarify the debate about students who choose a technical education, comprising studies on how the reform and the sources connected hereto articulates the target group. Arguments on how the exercise of changing the discourse could have been solved differently will be presented through the studies; the thesis is empirically grounded and is bipartite.The first part is a discourse analysis examining the political communication regarding the goal of increased recruiting of professional skilled students. The analysis is based on Ernesto Laclau’s discourse theory, and is carried out through analysis of administrative sources consisting of the reform, communication about the reform from the Ministry of Education and the civil service. The analysis finds, that the schools of technical education have the opportunity to change the discourse about professionals in the education systems through attempts to create hegemony.The second part examines the student’s attribution and self-perceptions when reporting on their choice of education and their position in the network of education. With inspiration from Paul Ricoeur’s concepts of narratives and Mimesis 1, 2 and 3, the issue is investigated through qualitative data from students at technical education institutions. The analysis is subsequently discussed to nuance the debate about the recruitment of students to technical education institutions in Denmark, both regarding applicants and quality. Finally, suggestions for a future strategy on communication are presented. These suggestions should contribute to the reform so it will maintain the new articulations about more qualified students at the technical educations school.

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages100
SupervisorsDorthe Pedersen