FLSmidths etablering i Kina: En strategisk og juridisk analyse af markeds- og konkurrenceforhold

Lars Christian Houg Bertelsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master thesis focuses on FLSmidth' s formation on the Chinese cement plant market and the entry strategic considerations FLSmidth have to make in that connection. The thesis also deals with the legal consequences of the Chinese competition laws and the impact, these regulations have on the formation. Finally, the thesis deals with the question of post-merger integration and the consequences of the different dimensions on the acquisition of CTIEC. The thesis is divided into five main chapters. Chapter one describes both the methods and theories being used in the thesis and the angle of the project. Chapter two contains an economic analysis of the Chinese cement plant market by use of the Porters Five Forces framework and the PEST -model. Moreover the entry strategic considerations and target companies will be described, in order to choose the most suitable entry strategy and target company for FLSmidth's formation. Chapter three clarifies the content of The Chinese Anti-monopoly Law, article 17-19, The Mergers and Acquisitions Regulations article 51 and 52 plus King & Wood's guidelines towards joint ventures in China. The content of the relevant articles in the Chinese competition law will be determined by use of interpretation methods. These interpretation methods are conducted in order to determine the exact content of the articles, in order to point out the consequences of the regulations on the formation of FLSmidth. Equally, the guidelines will be used to determine, if a joint venture between FLSmidth and a Chinese company contains any anti-competitive aspects. Chapter four deals with the post-merger integration process. Here the cultural, visionary and communicative dimensions of FLSmidth and CTIEC will be analyzed, in order to point out the differences between the two companies and underline, what FLSmidth should be on the look out for, in order to make the integration process successful. Chapter five contains my conclusion as a short follow up and end to the thesis.

EducationsMSc in Commercial Law, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages114