Andelsboligforeninger 2011: En boligform under forandring

Katarina Vahl Bendixen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Private co-operative housing has existed since the early 19th century in Denmark. At that time the objective of this form of housing was mainly on grounds of social reasons. Over the years this objective has changed and modified along with the changes in the Danish society – especially in the years before the financial crises hit the housing market in 2008. These years were in general affected by speculation and greediness which has also significantly affected the housing market. This has resulted in several new and unaccustomed challenges –economically/financially as well as legally – which the co-operative market in general will be effected by and at the very moment are facing. These challenges especially concern the opaque regulation of prices, loans which are characterized as highly risky (for instance with interest rate swap), new financial models, evaluation of liability, the advisers’ part in the market, the weakening of the security in cooperative apartments, the consequences of compulsory sale especially towards the members, and the general poor level of information at the market of private co-operative housing. On the basis of this context the thesis will examine a range of the most critical and essential challenges of these subjects and the affect they will have for the future of this form of housing. The challenges will be analyzed and discussed from different point of views – the housing cooperative, the members, the creditors, the advisers etc. depending on the specific challenges the subject lead on. The approach of each subject will be based on either an economical/financial or a legal point of view – but the thesis will for every subject have economically/financially as well as legally discussions and analyzes of the problems. Finally the thesis will focus on what can be done in the future to oppose these challenges and to strengthen the level of information and transparency of this form of housing.

EducationsMSc in Commercial Law, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages102