Employer branding i Region Hovedstaden Psykiatri

Brianne Nybroe Nielsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis addresses the problem regarding Region Hovedstaden Psykiatri’s ability to attract and maintain caretakers to the organization in a labor market that seems to become more and more under pressure. The organization, which is a part of the public service in Denmark, has a complicated relationship with the mother company Region Hovedstaden and have not yet developed any branding strategy. The theoretical foundation for the main subject, employer branding and the elements that affects it, are presented. Here it is emphasized how important the alignment between all the elements are. The body of the employer brand is constructed upon the factors that are similar within the company's identity, profile and image. To provide an overview of the elements that affect employer brand a flowchart is designed. The purpose of flowchart is to benchmark the extent to which the company lives up to the theory of employer brand and from that to see where the focus areas is in developing an employer branding strategy. The perspective of the thesis is social constructivism that supports the chosen method, qualitative interviews, used to collect data for the analysis. The analysis is based on 15 interviews with respondents who all have recently been through a recruitment process at Region Hovedstaden Psykiatri. To interpret the interviews the hermeneutical circle is used. The research showed that the organization has a very weak image. The organization also lacks external branding. However, the organization’s profile are in line with its visions and values. The employees’ perception of the organization as a working place are in line with the organization’s profile except for two centers, Glostrup and Hvidovre, where the employees’ perception deviates to some extent from the organization’s profile. This should be a focus area for the management. It is assessed that there is a need for HR related competences in the recruitment process in order for the organization to live up to its values in this process. A corporate brand must be developed and communicated externally to support the company image. The research shows that the employer brand should focus on the organization focusing on people. The people focus is expressed through working processed characterized by communication and diversity. The employees at Region Hovedstaden Psykiatri possesses a high professional level which is developed by the possibilities, that the organization provides in terms of education. Furthermore Region Hovedstaden Psykiatri offers a high financially compensation for the competences which the employees possesses.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages82