Crowdsourcing Platforms ad Multi-sided Markets: Interaction and Possible Evolution in the Era of Big Data and Convergence. A Case Study of Mylittlejob's Marketplace. A Case Study of Mylittlejob's Marketplace

Francesco Luciani

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis deals with the role crowdsourcing platforms play in the labor environment in the era of digitalization. Freelancing, micro-tasking and coworking spaces are becoming every day more widespread and online marketplaces are experiencing a massive diffusion, both in the number of different solutions and in the utilization rate from autonomous workers. Based on academic theories within the field of platform economies and convergence/divergence strategies, a single case company has been selected, in order to better point out the several, additional opportunities, some particular species of crowdsourcing platforms may decide to seize. Indeed, chances are that a consistent, homogeneous, freelancers base (consistent in both quantity and characteristics of members) may become appealing to firms seeking either more effective hiring processes or innovative strategies for online marketing and affiliation programs, besides the initial purpose of the platform itself. The specific design of a crowdsourcing platform, with particular regard to the composition of the freelancers user base, may help in shaping this range of additional opportunities for platforms. Mylittlejob, a marketplace on which university students only are allowed to freelance and which has been object of this research, is a clear example of that. Interviews with Mylittlejob’s founding and management team have been conducted. Furthermore, some of the companies buying services on the platform have been included in the research, in order to discover something more about which benefits these clients have experienced so far in using Mylittlejob, and crowdsourcing in general. Finally, a quantitative analysis, based on findings from the initial inductive process, has been carried out. An online survey was proposed to students working on the platform as freelancers. This to obtain a validation/falsification of the hypotheses formulated after the qualitative section. With regard to the generated hypotheses, the aim of this final step of the research is the one of testing the validity of a Three-Sided Market model. In fact, chances are for third-party companies to participate in an original Two-Side Market, a crowdsourcing platform, and benefit from the consultation of a specific set of data, which would not exist without the existence of the original Two-Sided Market, reflecting students’ performances on the crowdsourcing platform.

EducationsMSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages92