Innovating Democracy by Democratizing Innovation: A Critical Review of How the Multitude of Productive Resistance in Global Economy Produces a Paradigmatic Tendency Towards Innovating Democracy

Louise Aagaard Pogager

Student thesis: Master thesis


For more than the past half a century innovation has been equated with economic development. In reference to the concept of Democratizing Innovation, there seem to be no difference as it is portrayed in terms of user increasingly becoming producers and as a disruptive force within economy also signifying a business potential to be utilized in order to gain new business advantage. We do not propose these observations to be mistaken merely, we think a crucial potential has been overlooked, that in fact Democratizing Innovation as well as a democratizing of innovation, pose as a potential towards innovating democracy by forming as a multitude of resistance in global economy and the age of Empire. Thus we commence by a political conceptualization of Democratizing Innovation, proving that values and conventions from political theory can be seen present in communities of Democratizing Innovation. Thus establishing Democratizing Innovation as a multitude of resistance. Furthermore we develop and understanding of innovation per se proving the common conception of innovation reduced to economic development is not wrong but to some extend misguided. By way of this we re-establish innovation as a concept which incontrovertibly stands alone as a potential, why we are able to rerouting the conceptual hybridization of Democratizing Innovation to ‘work both ways’. Finally in an analytical discussion of Democratizing Innovation in the age of Empire we are able to address how Democratizing Innovation appears as a paradigmatic potential towards (a new) democracy.

Educations, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages74